Széchenyi 2020

Tradition and quality

Our family has been involved in classic blacksmithing since the mid-nineteenth century. Since the beginning of our ancestors, the seventh generation has been working in this business. In 1998 the family business was incorporated into a limited liability company with the company name "Rabacsa". Our company is located in the 360 soul community of Alsószölnök, in the heart of the "Three Countries Nature Park". Our work covers the techniques of the past, which have proven their worth for a long time, and of course also the most modern technical applications based on the latest achievements.

The prerequisites for efficient production are met in the newly built production hall. We have sufficient production and storage space to process both large and small orders. As was previously the case, we are and will always be at the cutting edge of technology in metal processing. Our company motto is - everything imaginable made of metal. The four worlds at "Rabacsa" are - traditional blacksmithing, the most modern stainless steel products, designer pieces made of Corten steel and industrial metal processing.

These are just buzzwords and therefore we offer you - contact us - we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive information. We would like to be able to share your ideas and their implementation. Of course, our sales representatives are personally available for extensive presentations and free offers.

Thank you for your interest!

Balázs Racker and Csaba Racker managing directors


Why our company - Rabacsa?


The four worlds of Rabacsa have one common denominator - quality. The many years of industry experience, the exact planning, the given technical requirements and the professional staff enable a constant level.

Rabacsa Metalltechnik


Since the seventh generation is now active in this business, the word "tradition" can be proudly used at Rabacsa. Metal processing was always present in this company. The company has been pursuing the manufacture and assembly of stainless steel products for over ten years.

Rabacsa Metalltechnik


At this point it would be more advantageous if our customers spoke. However, we allow ourselves to use the feedback from our customers. The Rabacsa team has always been customer-oriented. Working together with customers that can only be achieved with high quality through personal contact is one of our guiding principles.

Rabacsa Metalltechnik


Rabacsa stands for versatility! A real “all-round package”! From planning, through production, to installation. Metal processing, wrought iron, Corten and stainless steel, all from one source!

Rabacsa Metalltechnik


Thanks to our experience, we are also a good choice for undecided customers! Our sales representatives are always available with suggestions. Our technicians are on hand to provide technical solutions.

Rabacsa Metalltechnik


Rabacsa products have a very good price-performance ratio on the market! Quality always comes first! Check our performance - we are convinced that we can offer you a competitive price-performance offer.

Rabacsa Metalltechnik